Ups & Downs of Traveling

I’ve been taking a series of classes down in VA over the past few months

It has been interesting comparing the other states to CT as I’ve driven along the way.

Of course there is the simple Nicer Weather (mostly nicer it did get a Freezing Spell halfway thru my first stay while CT & Boston had a blizzard) than CT this winter. Enjoyable as I started stripping off layers on the drive down & then not so fun adding them back on as I drove back home to CT’s cold winter weather.

As I hear talk about adding Tollbooths back into CT; all I can think about is how the career democrat politicians have all lied to us when they removed the original tollbooths after the terrible multi-car & truck accident years ago.

These career democrat politicians stuck us with both Increased Sales Taxes & Increased Income Taxes! These Career Democrat Politicians are Breaking their Promises to Our Hard Working Taxpaying Families!

They promised both taxes wouldn’t be raised again but all taxes HAVE Been RAISED, including adding on taxes to items that were not previously taxed like our clothes costing less than $50.00 which hurt poor families.
The INCOME TAX that was supposed to be temporary but instead has not only Not Gone Away but Has Been RAISED!

Currently we are blessed enough to live close enough to the Mass border that we have been going there to purchase both gas & cartons of cigarettes. Since we have been quitting smoking & the gas prices lowered in the state we have started buying our gas once again in CT. The only question is “How long will that last?” since the career democrats are hellbent on raising all current & adding new taxes once again…

It is clearly shown that the career democrats who have been ruling our state for so many years have not the slightest clue on how their meddling is so badly hurting our families nor businesses.
Those who are able to do so shop elsewhere to avoid our high taxes. We have been losing businesses & hard working tax paying families with each year as more taxes & fees & crazy regulations are added in CT.

PA Rest Stop Jan 2015

Travelers should be wooed to our state to shop & visit our historical sites but our elected officials for as much as they travel on our taxpayer dollars they do not come back with ideas that can be used here in CT to bring in businesses or tourists or working taxpaying families.

In PA the Rest Stops are bright clean & scenic as well as being a safe place to pullover & rest on the long trip north or south.
In NY the rest stops aren’t quite as nice along 84 but frequent reminders to pull over to check the texts & double as state trooper roadside mini stations to be dispatched from.

Do you know that you can drive down to the DC area & back & only pay $1.50 in tolls from CT’s north most towns?

Our career democrat politicians want to drive away tourists who can & will tap the option Avoid Tolls on their GPS units or Google maps – Yes it might take you a bit out of the way but…

With beautiful countryside & clean rest stops along the way & even less traffic than going through NY/NJ turnpike systems; the extra miles & much less expense of tolls, it is well worth the trip.
The traffic avoidance alone it’s worth the extra mileage & will get you there in just about the same time but with less frazzled nerves due to the congestion & bad drivers at the many tollbooth stops.

Besides there are some nice family owned shops to stop & eat or shop along the way rather than the big box stores.

Can you guess where the most congested traffic always is on the way home to CT? Yes that’s right at the crazy mess of the tollbooth at the Beacon-Newburgh bridge where the tollbooths are!

With the addition of tollbooths the career democrat politicians are dooming our state to loads of increased debt & taxes that we do not need & can Not Afford!
Exactly why would any traveler come through CT with the highest gas taxes in the area?

#CallCTGeneralAssembly tell them #JustSayNoToTollBooths #CutSpending #StopAddingTaxes

PS: My Rant about More Gambling in CT is posted on another blog post which I’ll link back to here at a later date Life Calls so I must get to it

New England’s battle for casino gamblers begins

Why do our elected officials feel adding more vice will be the answer?
Why are our elected officials not looking at the bigger picture – there is a Mohegan Sun in the Poconos of Penn & the weather there is much warmer than here in CT or Mass & there isn’t the congestion that Atlantic City has.

We need to get over this Big City Envy that CT Elected Officials seems to be suffering from at the capitol & work on a tourism plan that will work for our CT families.
We have Historical Sites & Historical Homes that need to be Preserved & Promoted rather than being a very badly imitating state that is outrageous in prices & lack of parking….

WYBI: Job Development Grants and CCSS?

Is this going on in CT?
If you have heard about this update me on what is happening & what they are calling it here in CT.


Known by a bevy of names, let’s see what we can learn today about CCSS and job development investments grants. Are they only in NC (where I first learned about them) or are these in other states? If so, what are the educational implications?

Some of the companies here love NC. They also are unabashedly supportive of CC aligned citizens. Some of the companies here love NC. They also are unabashedly supportive of CC aligned citizens.

The Name Game:

As knee deep into CCSS as NC is, I wasn’t too terribly surprised to find one more ‘cutesy’ name to identify yet another grab at jobs and the economy..but is all this tied to education? If so, how? The first name I came across was JDIG, standing for “Job Development Investment Grants”. All the information about JDIGs wasn’t on a JDIG website. No, all the information I found was on a site called “Thrive in NC”. (see: Now, if you look at the top of…

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Goodwin College hosts free dental clinic for children

This is a very good thing for those who missed the annual free dental clinic last weekend that was difficult for some families to get to with the distance.
Dental schools & nursing schools should be as part of their training be doing quarterly at least clinics for our families that can’t afford big medical bills. The cost of such clinics could be offset by having sliding fee scale for a copay…
Insurance is not healthcare & neither is a website – clinics like these do more to help poor working families & is where our tax dollars should be focused upon.

Hartford says family is breaking zoning codes

People are fighting hard to ReDefine Marriage….
So this group of homeowners is fighting hard to ReDefine Family
My questions are;
Are they paying their Mortgage, Taxes & Utility Bills On Time & In Full?
Is their home in disrepair & an eyesore?
Is this just a case of rich elitists being nosy & complaining because a family has figured out how they can afford to stay in a fancy expensive house in an exclusive neighborhood?

So long as there are beds & bathroom facilities enough for everyone why does it matter if these people live together in the same house? This is a modern update to the old extended family concept which this “family” is actually doing in an unconventional way because they are not blood related.

Our elected officials have driven the good paying jobs out of the state & our economy is so bad at this point that buying a home is out of reach for many young families in CT. This is a viable option for people to be able to get their feet in the door to home ownership.
Rather than the rich trying to force this “family” out into the streets the city & town councils should be encouraging the old fashioned extended families to look to this modern “family” & give taxbreaks to multi-generational extended families that add on the “in-law apartments” & “nanny suites” so that young couples & college students & grandparents can all enjoy the benefits of living & working together.

Why do our rich elected officials give taxbreaks to absentee owners & developers that many times do not live in the same city or town they own their investment properties in? Why is so much money being given in the forms of grants low interest loans & taxbreaks to out of state developers instead of encouraging our current homeowners to improve their own properties & so long as they are owner-occupied properties they get the taxbreaks & low interest loans & grants?

Cuomo Spends Nearly $1.7 Million to Fight Fair Funding Case for Schools

Elected Officials waste tax dollars because they do not feel the cost of those taxes or how it hurts our hard working families

Diane Ravitch's blog

Eight small city districts in New York are suing the state for more funding. The state of New York is spending $1.7 million on fees to experts who testify that the districts do not need more money. This has been one of Governor Cuomo’s favorite lines: “We spend too much on schools already.”

The highest paid witness for the state in Maisto v. New York will receive $208,500, and the taxpayers’ total bill for the expert testimony is $966,950, according to a Capital analysis of state records. The state is also contracted to pay $700,320 to a private firm for the services of attorneys who have expertise in school funding cases.

In the lawsuit, filed in 2008, eight small city districts allege the state is underfunding schools and therefore not fulfilling its constitutional obligation to provide students with a “sound, basic education.” The eight districts are Jamestown, Kingston, Mount Vernon…

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Connecticut lawmakers split on bill banning felons from public office

Senator Coleman thinks that it is perfectly fine for Politicians in elected office Convicted of Felonies while in office should be able to hold public office???

I might understand if we were talking about someone who had in the past been convicted served their time for the crime & were reformed but to say it is perfectly ok for a politician that was convicted due to their position in office for campaign fraud & bribes etc should be allowed to once again hold public office is exactly why CT has the nickname of Corrupticut

I agree with what Rep Tong ” says public officials should not “have the opportunity to betray us again.” ” – I say no more corrupt politicians in our elected offices if they commit crimes while they’re in office they should not be allowed back in.
Mayor Finch hits the nail on the head in this issue – “He says sex offenders shouldn’t work in day care centers and corrupt politicians shouldn’t be in government.”