CT has Highest Hotel Tax in Nation

With the holiday season upon us it’s prime traveling time as families reunite

I was talking with friends while waiting for my son’s flight to come in & this article came to mind about the taxes on the hotel rooms.

With the elections now over & the “Malloy Math” finally being admitted that CT is in the red zone; the questions now turn to what new taxes will be applied that won’t be called “tax increases” because they weren’t taxed in the first place or will they merely ignore the “promise” to not raise taxes?

1 party rule hows that working for ya vote republican

“Connecticut’s hotel lodging tax was the highest in the country in 2013…
Connecticut’s estimated taxable room revenue last year was $693.1 million, the 10th-lowest in the country”

Well, why vacation in CT if it’s the most expensive place to travel??!

This is a good example of why tax increases ultimately are counter-productive.
It’s the spending, stupid…