Hartford says family is breaking zoning codes

People are fighting hard to ReDefine Marriage….
So this group of homeowners is fighting hard to ReDefine Family
My questions are;
Are they paying their Mortgage, Taxes & Utility Bills On Time & In Full?
Is their home in disrepair & an eyesore?
Is this just a case of rich elitists being nosy & complaining because a family has figured out how they can afford to stay in a fancy expensive house in an exclusive neighborhood?

So long as there are beds & bathroom facilities enough for everyone why does it matter if these people live together in the same house? This is a modern update to the old extended family concept which this “family” is actually doing in an unconventional way because they are not blood related.

Our elected officials have driven the good paying jobs out of the state & our economy is so bad at this point that buying a home is out of reach for many young families in CT. This is a viable option for people to be able to get their feet in the door to home ownership.
Rather than the rich trying to force this “family” out into the streets the city & town councils should be encouraging the old fashioned extended families to look to this modern “family” & give taxbreaks to multi-generational extended families that add on the “in-law apartments” & “nanny suites” so that young couples & college students & grandparents can all enjoy the benefits of living & working together.

Why do our rich elected officials give taxbreaks to absentee owners & developers that many times do not live in the same city or town they own their investment properties in? Why is so much money being given in the forms of grants low interest loans & taxbreaks to out of state developers instead of encouraging our current homeowners to improve their own properties & so long as they are owner-occupied properties they get the taxbreaks & low interest loans & grants?

WTNH Connecticut News

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HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — There’s a group of people in Hartford that’s fighting to be defined as a “family”, and a lot more than the recognition is at stake because the city wants them out of their home.

The City of Hartford says the eight adults and two children are breaking a decades-old zoning code. This group of people is looking to create a more modern definition of the word ‘family’.

The adults involved in all of this bought a foreclosed, nine-bedroom home in the capital city’s west end along Scarborough Street. The family is made up of teachers, social service workers, and artists. They all live together in the Scarborough Street home. According to them, have been good neighbors, and have invested in renovating the house.

Although the residents of the house are unrelated, they operate as a family, and legally own the home together. However, neighbors filed a zoning…

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