Waterbury 4th of July fireworks officially moved to Holyland

This will be a pretty site to see the fireworks from the hill at night…
My children & I used to love seeing the cross lit up at night when we were driving home from visiting out of state family, the children knew once they saw the cross we were not that much farther to drive home.
I think it’s nice that the town is putting the fireworks up on the high hill so more people can view them from the comfort & safety of their backyards – would be nice if more cities would consider doing the same & looking for high points to set off the fireworks so more people can enjoy them & have less people trying to find parking spaces & then walking to go see them – with young children it can be a drag since some children fall asleep at 7:30 & fireworks don’t usually start until 9
Kudos for the officials who decided to make the fireworks more visible to the more people.

Police: New Haven mother who reported her son prevented a tragedy

Parents & citizens need to speak up to both prevent crimes as well as assist in solving crimes that have occurred.
This was certainly hard for this mother to turn in her son but it is what we need more of to start reclaiming our cities from the crime wave that just seems to be spreading as gang violence is increasing in the news reports as we move into warmer weather & even more reports of gang violence is popping up in the daily reports

FOX 61

NEW HAVEN – Police are praising a city mother for reporting her own son who was in possession of a shotgun.

“We feel quite passionately that the mother who reported her son’s activity could have very well prevented a tragedy. We are grateful she acted responsibly,” said Officer David Hartman.

Around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, the mother called police to report her son had left their apartment and he was armed with a shotgun. Two officers went to her home on Elm Street.

The teen’s mother had grown concerned after noticing that her son looked “pissed,” according to police.  She also said she overheard parts of a disturbing conversation between her son and someone on the phone.

She told the officers that days ago she learned from someone else that her son may have had a shotgun concealed in a black duffle bag. The officers issued an alert for the…

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Conn. Natural Gas begins largest natural gas expansion project in 30 years

More of our hard earned money being spent on a government created monopoly & causing pain for our families as the majority party rewards the corporation for their help in getting them re-elected

FOX 61

EAST HAMPTON — Connecticut Natural Gas has begun construction on a 10-mile natural gas expansion project in East Hampton, the company’s largest such project in 30 years.

The subsidiary of UIL Holdings Corp. said Thursday that the gas main will serve nine East Hampton schools and municipal buildings, will reach major businesses and will make natural gas accessible to residential users and more than 400 other commercial customers.

An energy policy adopted in 2013 by Gov. Dan Malloy and the legislature authorized state regulators to approve new rate plans to finance expansion of natural gas pipelines and other public works.

Eversource Energy, formerly Yankee Gas, completed its first large-scale natural gas expansion project in Wilton last year. The 3-mile pipeline connects Wilton’s downtown business district, municipal buildings, schools and a community center.

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Anti casino expansion drive launched

Who are the Democrat Controlled General Assembly listening to? It appears that Special Interests have the ears of our state senate rather than the citizens of CT which Do Not Want Casino Expansion in our state….

If there was such a concern for the decrease in their attendance the Casinos would Close their Casino in near by Penn & would offer to send buses to all of the major cities around CT For Free but those are not being proposed as options on the table…

By the way “Where is the CT Share” of the proceeds from the current casinos that are in the state? Wasn’t that money supposed to be going for education as well as helping Addicted Gamblers to Quit?

Rowland to remain free pending appeal

What are your thoughts about this?

FOX 61

NEW HAVEN – A federal judge ruled Thursday that Republican Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland can remain free on appeal of his conviction in a political consulting scheme.

Attorney Andrew Fish argued in court papers on April 17 that Rowland has a good chance of having his conviction overturned and doesn’t pose a flight risk.

Rowland was sentenced on March 18 to 2 years in prison on charges that include conspiring to hide payments for work he did on the 2012 congressional campaign of Lisa Wilson-Foley.

Fish argues that prosecutors failed to tell the defense that Wilson-Foley said she believed Rowland was hired to do legitimate consulting work for her husband’s health care company.

Rowland will be permitted to voluntarily surrender, if his appeal is denied and is scheduled to report by noon on June 16.

Rowland requested to be placed in Otisville Federal Correctional Institute in Otisville New York…

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Windsor Budget – Vote NO Tomorrow

Reminder Get Out & Vote NO on the Budget Tomorrow

Polls Open at 6am & Close at 8pm

#YourVoteIsYourVoice – #VoteNo

#SayNoNewTaxes – there is a lot of questionable BoE items needing transparency & the democrats in charge of the BoE aren’t being forthcoming about all the numbers nor looking for cost saving measures that can be options for our citizens – the BoE budget is 2/3rds of the town’s total budget & it needs to be better managed, we’ve had too much vagueness in their numbers & animosity by the BoE leadership when being questioned about how they plan to spend our families money

#SaveWindsorPuppies – Save our Windsor Animal Control Shelter the democrats are forcing our current “dog pound” to be destroyed by their corporate friends who they have given the tax breaks to build luxury mixed use apartments (think like Hartford office & stores downstairs & apartments on top commercial buildings) so the rich get rid of our puppies who have gotten lost & found by our animal control officers & now instead of building a new shelter the democrats who obviously do not like dogs are trying to send our Windsor Puppies out of town to possibly kill shelters #DemocratsHatePuppies

TAX on back of bent over man

#SaveTeamParagon – our 18 year olds need to vote to save their classmates Robotics Program which the democrats will displace when they try to take over the old Roger Wolcott school which was closed due to students leaving the district – our teens deserve to have the Robotics Team in a space where they can continue to grow in learning as well as experiencing successes as they compete #DemocratsHateRobots

If you are RICH you’ll have no problem going along with the democrat bullies who have been steadily increasing our taxes every year but if you are part of the lower income brackets that are struggling under the weight of the excesses & wasteful spending that the democrats who are running Windsor are jamming down our throats then #VoteNo