No Wonder It’s a Secret: Obamatrade Agreement to Alter US Immigration Law

No Law should be so big that our elected officials can’t sit down & read & understand it in 30 minutes or less .
No law that is to be voted on or enacted should be so secret that the public can’t have access to it 30 days prior it it’s going up for a vote.

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Whats-in-It-NRD-600I wish that we had an American President. reported yesterday that

In a joint appearance on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Wednesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) warned against the passage of the so-called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) currently being considered by the Congress. 

Sessions argued it was more than just a framework for a process for the president of the United States to use in negotiating trade agreements, but instead was creating an economic union with wide-ranging powers.

“I’ve been there three times and I can tell you it is far more than a trade agreement,” he said. “It is a creating of an economic union. The congressional resource said it is a wide-ranging political and economic partnership that is created where the Sultan of Brunei gets one vote. The president of the United States gets one vote. Twelve countries – they have the ability to…

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We’re doomed: Even in Texas you need a permit to operate a lemonade stand

Government overreach is a problem across the country.
In some cities & towns the government is so overbearing that children’s lemonade stands are being shut down, vegetable gardens are being dug up & tag sales are forbidden without paying for the permit fees to enrich the coffers of the elected officials who act as tiny tyrants of out out of control spending.

After anonymously commenting on a web site, can the Feds force your real identity out of the hosting blog or site?

Do you think that the 1st Amendment Free Speech is NOT under attack? Think again & then you might consider what comments you might have made that could be taken out of context & end up putting you too into the hot seat with some elected official or even an appointed one…