Driving in Winter – ugh I Hate Snow on the Roads

Yes it’s that bane to unicorn fart believers time of year – WINTER

When freezing temps & lots of snow is falling & we in the frozen lands ask “Hey can you send some of that global warming over here?”

I hate driving in winter during snow storms or afterwards when there is a hit or miss on will the roads being traveled be plowed & cleared.

Sometimes it can’t be helped people have to go to work & children off to schools & snow storms have their own schedule.

What is in your car as you’re driving around this winter?

I’ve been lucky to not have gotten stuck in the snow on the roadside but they have shown on the news this winter how others have not been so lucky.

I’ve done my best to stay off the roads when possible when snow is falling but a couple of times have had the unpleasant experience of being out when the snowstorm starts.

People yes we all want to get home & out of the snow but SLOW DOWN!
What good is speeding home to hit an ice patch & have an accident that causes not only you but everyone on the highway after you to spend an even longer time stuck in the cold in a traffic jam?
Saw that happen on my way home from DC earlier this winter.

Emergency Kit Backpack

Emergency Kit Backpack

Do you have a blanket or some sort of throw inside the car to reach for if you get stuck for an extended period of time out in the mess? If you have children then an old twin blanket for them in the back seat will reach across the seat to cover them all fold in half lengthwise to add warmth & a 2nd one for the adults in the front seat.

With it being winter try to never let the gas tank go below 3/4 full would be ideal but reality is not as easy to do as we’d like. The danger in letting the gas tank go below 1/4 is that in a traffic jam you could run out of gas or more common is that in this cold the gas lines will freeze. To help against gaslines freezing in the car adding some drygas to a full tank once a month has helped me over the years.

While it’s not snowing take a few minutes to gather items for your next trip out to the car
Snow Scraper with Brush – reminder the new law passed we have to remove car roof snow too
Extra Mittens to just leave in the car
Sunglasses – glare from the sun & snow means sunglasses are year round requirement for driving
Blankets or Throws – 1 for each row of seats
Flashlights & a RED film covering for signaling to show up against snow day or night
Some munchies to leave in the car like granola bars or protein bars that are wrapped & not affected by freezing or heat for a month
Candle in a Tin & Matches – hey save gas & battery life with a candle in a tin if stuck on the roadside adds a tiny bit of heat too
First Aid kit – pick one up at the store & add what you need to it & put it under the front seat

There are websites that offer more in depth details about what to have in an emergency kit for the car & home. One of the sites which I have been involved with is http://AroundTheCabin.com/Campfire This is where we can chat, ask questions & discuss all sort of different ideas about life in a world without electrical power or emergencies like Katrina / Sandy style events.
They start 8pm eastern Sunday through Friday nights & will be expanding their times on air as they bring on more hosts.

Lawsuit: One of your pet food brands may be killing your dog

Dog owners Beware & Boycott Purina Beneful dogfood it’s been known to harm & even kill dogs. There is now a lawsuit against Purina due to the problem that Purina is refusing to fix. #BoycottBenefulDogFood

FOX 61

BOSTON – One of the most popular dry dog food brands has recently come under fire after a lawsuit was filed claiming a dog died after eating it, according to MyFoxBoston.

The lawsuit, filed by Frank Lucido, claims that pet owners have submitted over 3,000 complaints about Purina Beneful’s dry dog food, saying that is it hurting, and even killing, some of their dogs.

The suit includes Purina Beneful Health Weight, Purina Beneful Original, Purina Beneful, Incredibites and Purina Beneful for Puppies among other variations.

While Purina responded, saying that the suit is “without merit” and there are “no product quality problems with Beneful,” the lawsuit claims that dogs who ate beneful dog foods suffered stomach and other internal bleeding, liver malfunction, vomiting and other symptoms.

Read the full story here.

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Chick-fil-A continues New England expansion to Enfield

WooHoo FINALLY we can enjoy some Chick-Fil-A up in Northern CT! Been waiting a LONG time for this “culinary delite” in fast food
Guess you know where you’ll be be able to find me Thursday (0;}

FOX 61

ENFIELD – Not only is Chick-fil-A opening its first restaurant in Enfield on Thursday, Feb. 26, but it is also combing it with a community service event.

While providing 85 new jobs, the new, stand-alone restaurant is awarding free Chick-fil-A meals for a year to 100 adults as well as the opportunity for community members to donate books to benefit Enfield’s Head Start Program.

The event, called the First 100, will give a digital offer card with a one-year supply of Chick-fil-A meals to the first 100 eligible adults, 18 and older with valid identification, in line when the doors open at 6 a.m.  The line, however, opens at 6 a.m. the day before, so if more than 100 people are in line by the time Thursday morning rolls around, then those 100 digital cards will be awarded in a drawing held that morning.

The book donation event for Enfield’s Head Start…

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Scott Walker: No Degree -No Problem

How much do you weigh the importance of a college degree for an elected official?
A college degree merely says that you have the ability to get loans & be a yes person that the teachers at that college approve of.
There are too many fancy expensive papers hanging on walls in elected offices & not enough people with common sense.

Think it’s time for more regular people who know how the real world works to be in our elected offices; don’t you think the same?

youngblkrepub's Blog

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, I’ve been experiencing a case of extreme writers block. Then it occurred to me to me to start blogging my facebook rants! Here you go folks!

So Democrats think that Scott Walker not finishing college is terrible thing? This is the elitist thinking of private school, ivy league idiot liberals. They are very Out of touch, not everyone can go to college, some people have to work!

College is not for everyone, Sean Hannity had to drop out of college for a while because he couldn’t afford college. Mark Zuckberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs all dropped out and odds are we’re all using their products right now in some fashion.

Funny Meme I made 🙂

People, big fancy Harvard degrees are no longer what they used to be, now days most Harvard grads are being laughed at for…

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State Rep. continues to push the “Death with Dignity” bill

The group formerly known as the Hemlock Society is at it again not only in CT but also our sister border states of Mass, RI, NY & NJ.
The ultimate goal of this Eugenics group has been proven to be to kill off the Disabled & Feeblest of our society.
Yes they use code words to make them sound ever so nice but there is nothing stopping them from killing off their own self if all they wanted was to end their own suffering but instead they are fighting to be able to kill off other people for profit.
That is what is happening to those who live in countries & states that have passed this law.
YES right here in the USA patients are being told by their insurance companies that the Live Saving/Extending Treatmets that are available will not be paid for but the insurance company would more than happily pay for the $300 to cover the drugs that will end the patients life ASAP.

THIS Is going to result in more GENOCIDE as Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics & other poor minorities have a higher rate of health problems than richer white people. Where Abortionists have been quite successful in limiting the number of Black & Brown Babies from being born this Eugenics Program will speedily increase the number of deaths of chronically ill & depressed minorities. Hitler & Margaret Sanger would be proud at the job that the Hemlock Society is doing with it’s name changes & twisting of words to increase the number of minorities & disabled to be killed off as they have even gotten Black members of the CT General Assembly to promote for the 3rd time the killing off of oppressed peoples.
Legalizing Murder is Still MURDER
The Systematic Murdering of a Minority People is called GENOCIDE
YES Jim Crow Lives in CT & the goal is to kill you off ASAP, think about that when you pop that high blood pressure pill or that shot of insulin for your diabetes that you need to live on a daily basis…

Save the Internet!

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Take Action & Call All of our congressional leaders #MakeDCListen
CT has a total of 7 members in the 2 arms of congress make a call to ALL 7
Or you can stop into their CT Office Locations to leave a Petition of your friends & family
Or if you want to brave the weather & can get a few friends to join you then grab some signs & walk around the block that the office is on & show your displeasure #OccupyCongress

We might be able to afford to be able to go down to DC to make our elected listen to us but we can each afford to call all 7 of our elected officials that are in congress & we should be able to make some time to also stop by their offices here in CT
If you want to call their DC offices & send faxes of the signatures that you’ve gathered in support of Free Speech on the Internet check the Sec of State website http://www.ct.gov/sots/cwp/view.asp?a=3179&q=515402

5 House of Representative
CT Offices

Connecticut Office
221 Main Street
2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06106
860.278.2111 (fax)

Connecticut Offices
55 Main Street, Suite 250
Norwich, CT 06360
860.886.2974 (fax)
* 2nd office Courtney
77 Hazard Ave., Unit J
Enfield, CT 06082
860.741.6036 (fax)

Connecticut Office
59 Elm Street
New Haven, CT 06510
203.772.2260 (fax)

Connecticut Offices
211 State Street, 2nd Floor
Bridgeport, CT 06604
203.333.6655 (fax)
* 2nd office Himes
888 Washington Boulevard, 10th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901
203.333.6655 (fax)

Connecticut Office
114 West Main Street
Old Post Office Plaza, LLC
New Britain, CT 06051
860.225.7289 (fax)

2 Senators Blumenthal & Murphy
CT Offices

Connecticut Office
90 State House Square
10th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
860.258.6958 (fax)

Connecticut Offices
One Constitution Plaza
7th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
860.524.5091 (fax)

We MUST ALL Do Our Part Regardless of party this is not good for ANYONE in the USA or the World

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Flight cancellations and delays reported at Bradley International

Snow is once again creating havoc with travellers in the northeast.

If you do not have to go out on the roads stay home in the warmth of your home.

If you had flight or rail plans call ahead & find out if there has been a delay or cancellation.


FOX 61

WINDSOR LOCKS- As the snow continues to fall, Bradley International Airport is reporting several flight cancellations and delays on Saturday evening.

As of 6:00 p.m, three departing and twenty incoming flights have been cancelled. One arriving  and two departing flights have been delayed.

According to Bradley Operations, the airport is open and recommend that passengers should check with their air carrier before heading out to the airport.

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