Connecticut lawmakers split on bill banning felons from public office

Senator Coleman thinks that it is perfectly fine for Politicians in elected office Convicted of Felonies while in office should be able to hold public office???

I might understand if we were talking about someone who had in the past been convicted served their time for the crime & were reformed but to say it is perfectly ok for a politician that was convicted due to their position in office for campaign fraud & bribes etc should be allowed to once again hold public office is exactly why CT has the nickname of Corrupticut

I agree with what Rep Tong ” says public officials should not “have the opportunity to betray us again.” ” – I say no more corrupt politicians in our elected offices if they commit crimes while they’re in office they should not be allowed back in.
Mayor Finch hits the nail on the head in this issue – “He says sex offenders shouldn’t work in day care centers and corrupt politicians shouldn’t be in government.”

FOX 61

BRIDGEPORT — The two chairmen of a key committee of the legislature differ over a proposal that would ban politicians convicted of felonies from the ballot.

The Connecticut Post reports state Senator Eric Coleman, Senate chairman of the legislature’s Judiciary Committee, said voters are the best judge of who qualifies for public office.

Rep. William Tong, the committee’s House chairman, says public officials should not “have the opportunity to betray us again.” He says qualifications already impose limits on public office.

Tong told Fox CT that he expects there to be a public hearing towards the end of the month. He also seemed confident about the measure: “I get the sense that there’s good support” for the bill, he said, and he added that his colleagues in the legislature are committed to sending a message about the consequences of corruption.

Former Gov. John G. Rowland and ex-state Sen. Ernest E. Newton…

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