Summer Fundraiser Win-TV August 10th

Come on out to beat the summer heat while supporting a good cause on Thursday evening!

Win-TV is having a fundraiser for the children’s programs at Menchie’s!

Bring the family by from 4p to 8p and 20% of your purchase will be donated to the Win-TV Filming Chargers afterschool program and the Win-TV summer camp program.

The flyer is located on the Win-TV website please share it with family and friends While you’re there check out some of the other events
We will be having a few raffle prizes for the night as well 

🍧🍦🍪 Make it a sweet ending to your evening 🍪🍦🍧

Hope to see you there!


CT Tax Freedom Day Rally

Are you going to be there on Sunday the 21st for the CT Tax Freedom Rally?

CT Conservative

Tax Freedom Flyer.png

While April 24, 2017 is the National average date, of when Americans have finally earned enough to pay for their portion of Federal, State, and local taxes – CT is the last state to reach that marker…27 days later. It comes down to about 38% of our yearly income. The next closest state is NJ which is May 12th.

Granted, the Federal government has increased some of the taxes we pay, and has pushed our Tax Freedom Day back. Unfortunately for CT, over the past 6 yrs, CT residents and businesses have seen two $2 Billion tax increase budgets, courtesy of the Democrat Trifecta in CT, which moved us even further back. In 2010, the National TFD average was April 9th and CT was April 27th, a 16 day difference. At the time, it was about 32% of our yearly income.

This year, the Democrats, in the Legislature, are again looking…

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Tax Sale Windsor April 22 2017

Windsor Properties to be Sold at Tax Sale on April 22

The Town of Windsor will conduct a tax sale on Saturday, April 22, 2017 in the Ludlow Room located on the lower level of town hall. Bidder registration will be at 8:00 AM and the sale will begin at 10:00 AM.Sixteen properties have been identified for the sale.  These properties have been delinquent on tax payments for three or more years or have more than $20,000 due in back taxes and have not made payment arrangements with the town.  The owners of the properties identified for sale have received a letter from the Town Attorney, and a final notice from the tax office.  They have either not responded, or have not paid enough on their account to date to be removed from the sale.


The property owners still have the opportunity to bring their accounts current up through April 21, 2017 to be removed from the actual sale.  If they do not, the property will go up for auction on April 22, 2017.  At that point, if the property sells at the auction, the owner will have a six month redemption period to reclaim their property.  To do so, they will need to reimburse the winning bidder the amount that was due to the Town of Windsor at the time of sale (minimum bid), in addition to 18% (1.5% per month) interest on the total winning bid.  The final day that they would be able to redeem the property will be October 23, 2017.

windsor townseal black green white gif

The properties listed below are slated for sale at the April 22nd tax sale.  Detailed information on each property, including the Assessor’s field card are available for viewing by clicking on this link:



Location                                  Amount Due*


11 Wilson Ave                        $11,726.28

230 Windsor Ave                    $21,137.13

32 Eagleton Dr                        $17,528.37

1202 Matianuck Ave              $24,067.31

878 Matianuck Ave                $9,751.73

35 Scarborough Rd                 $14,868.51

32 Mack St                              $16,189.20

85 Dudley Town Rd               $12,738.78

31 Olga Ave                            $14,039.05

111 Rood Ave                        $19,144.89

781T Park Ave                        $15,450.19

332 Poquonock Ave               $22,075.74

404 Otee Cir                           $14,757.85

799 Matianuck Ave                $14,339.14

33 Hillcrest Rd                        $17,517.78

59 Longview Dr                      $17,360.87


*NOTE:  These amounts will change as additional interest, lien fees, and other charges associated with the tax sale are added.  If you are the owner of one of the above listed properties, or have a lien or encumbrance on one of these properties, please contact the Windsor Tax Collector at 860-285-1811 for a payoff total based on the date you intend to make payment.

Phone Calls Doorknockers Postcards

Has your phone been ringing off the hook this week?

Has your door been visited by young strangers with clipboards & cards?

Has your mailbox been overflowing with oversized postcards these past few days?

Well then you must live in one of the districts that is having a SPECIAL ELECTION on this coming Tuesday Feb 28th 2017!!!


What’s in my mailbox this week? A Pile of Political Postcards Of Course!

This Special Election cycle there are 3 candidates that will be on the ballot for state senate in both of the districts having them  (former senator Kane’s district is the 32nd and former senator Coleman’s district is the 2nd) – which for the republican candidate in the 2nd district actually increases his chances of winning the race since the third candidate is seriously splitting the democrat party vote.

If you go by the number of yard signs in Windsor; the race is between Mike McDonald who has the hometown advantage born & raised in Windsor and Aaron Romano from Bloomfield, on the major roads in Windsor.

I’ve not seen a single Doug McCrory yard sign yet in my travels last week and this prior to my car needing repairs which has sidelined me until early next week when it should be back from the mechanic’s

It looks like Doug is taking from Hillary’s playbook & making the assumption that he is the democrat in a “safe” democrat district so therefore the CEP Grant money can be used for partying rather than actually in investing in a website, Facebook ads or paying for phone callers & polls? What is Doug doing with his $70k+ CEP funding grant money, is 2 postcards all that is going to be shown for the Taxpayers Money for the Special Election?

Mike McDonald has invested his $70k+ CEP Grant money wisely. Mike started fast putting up a website,  he’s gotten a HQ in Windsor and is getting yard signs out into people’s yards. Mike has invested in LIVE phone callers & a polling service. Mike has had door knockers going out with him which are rewarded with a meal for their volunteering service. He’s putting his CEP Grant money visibly to work in addition to the postcards sent and personally knocking on doors in Windsor. Mike did get an on air interview over at CT Talking with Brad and Dan.

Even Aaron Romano has been using his funds wisely for getting out the message with 2 versions of his signs according to the Facebook page that he has. At least 2 phone calls have come into the house while we’ve been home with live people on the other end to answer questions. Aaron is going out into the community in Hartford and has been on the local radio stations a few times.

So these are small things which you might want to consider as we head into the Special Election on Tuesday.

How are each of the candidates treating the Taxpayer Monies given to them via the CEP Grant to reach the public?

Have you had the opportunity to talk to the candidates or ask questions of their staff and volunteers?

or have you only gotten a postcard for all of your tax dollars put into the CEP fund?

Get Out and VOTE on Tuesday Feb 28th 2017 at your local polling station if you live in the 2nd or 32nd State Senate Districts or the 115th State Rep District

#BrokeBronin talks in Rocky Hill 12-12-16

#BeggingForBailOut tour stopped in Rocky Hill CT on Monday Dec 12th 2016

It was almost a full house after all, the video camera view that I initially saw showed a bunch of empty seats but another video showed that the room was mostly full & some people were standing together in the back of the room talking among themselves…

I watched a live stream of the meeting while it was happening in Rocky Hill

Hartford’s mayor pitches regionalization to Rocky Hill

The link above goes to the Fox61 article – For some reason I’m unable to get the video player to post properly so I’ve posted the video over on the other blog & it seems to post properly over there

Theft In Hartford City Hall!

Why is #LyingLuke as Mayor of Hartford Allowed to STEAL from the Hartford Taxpayers & from the rest of us in the surrounding suburban towns?

Why is #BrokeBronin pushing for “Regionalism” to pay for all of the corruption that has been going on in the city of Hartford for decades & generations?

On one hand he tells the people on the south end of Hartford that he will legally fight (read wasting taxpayer money here) to keep Hartford’s Sanctuary City Status while on the other hand his insistence that the city not have to go through Bankruptcy Proceedings to those of us in the suburbs…

TAX on back of bent over man

Why is he thinking that STEALING from the city & us taxpaying homeowners in the surrounding towns who he plans to stick with the bills for is ok to do?

Just like a cheating husband trying to hide assets prior to a divorce; #BrokeBronin was trying to get this back room deal done for $500.00 with his friend in NY. Yet #LyingLuke with his friends at the MDC are trying to force the suburban towns to pay for the water bill for Hartford; this while Jellison & crew gets outrageous salaries to steal from us homeowners in the surrounding towns??

The local Hartford online news site We The People Hartford  alerted the people of the theft which the major media news picked up. When things became more widely public & reported in the major news outlets in CT the attempted theft was temporarily halted…

Thank you to Kevin Brookman for being the under celebrated CT Citizen News Reporter – he breaks the news & then the major news media outlets report on what he’s exposed… if you have a news tip about things in Hartford make sure to give it to him to report upon