Election Day is here #GOTV Calls

Today is the Day to Get Out The VOTE!

Polls opened up at 6am & will be opened until 8pm
(barring any funny business at the polling stations which seems to be happening a lot the past few years in our cities)

Have you already gone to Vote before going to work?

Call Friends & Family & Remind them to #GOTV

Can you take a Co-Worker to go vote during your lunch break?

Can you get out early to assist with getting friends & family & neighbors to the voting booths?

Call the candidate that you are supporting & ask if there is some assistance that you can offer, many times there are polling stations that could use a sign waver outside for an hour or two.

Did you remind the people in your social networks?

If we are going to turn around our state we must begin with our cities & towns.

button Your Vote Counts round RWB-Stars

Operation Coffee Cup 2015

Came across a video today that got me to thinking about “the good old days”

It was a video with the soundtrack of a speech made back in 1961 by Ronald Reagan when he was still an actor & people then like now listen to what celebrities have to say just the method of how the message gets out…

Below is a video about the “Death Panels” that are part of the Death Care Tax
The democrats as they were ramming this down the nations throat denied the death panels
Our media instead of being journalists & reporting the news about the death panels laughed as they played a big role in getting “approval” for this mess.

Who will you share a Cup of Coffee & Chat with?

Wait Till It's Free - Death Panels from Wait Till It's Free on Vimeo.