Application denied: Middletown mom’s plea for protection

Sad that the judge refused to issue the longer restraining order.
Reality is that unfortunately even if the judge had issued the restraining order that it will not stop an abuser that is intent upon doing harm to people since it is only a piece of paper & the police resources are spread thin so they can not be everywhere.
This is an example of evil spiteful anger & unfortunately this man can only be locked up for life at taxpayers expense.

WTNH Connecticut News

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MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — The mother of the seven-month-old missing in the Connecticut River since his father jumped from the Arrigoni Bridge Sunday night tried to take out a restraining order against the father, but it was denied.

In a June 17 letter, Adrianne Oyola warned that her son, Aaden Moreno, was in danger. She had received a temporary restraining order and was asking the court for a permanent restraining order against the child’s father, Tony Moreno.

“I am afraid he is going to do something to my son,” Oyola wrote. “He is angry and probably isn’t thinking straight. He told me he could make my son disappear anytime of the day.”

At a June 29 hearing, Oyola’s story changed. When asked why she wanted a restraining order against Moreno, she said “for multiple reasons”.

“He’s just very abusive, not physically, but mentally,” Oyola…

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