Police: New Haven mother who reported her son prevented a tragedy

Parents & citizens need to speak up to both prevent crimes as well as assist in solving crimes that have occurred.
This was certainly hard for this mother to turn in her son but it is what we need more of to start reclaiming our cities from the crime wave that just seems to be spreading as gang violence is increasing in the news reports as we move into warmer weather & even more reports of gang violence is popping up in the daily reports

FOX 61

NEW HAVEN – Police are praising a city mother for reporting her own son who was in possession of a shotgun.

“We feel quite passionately that the mother who reported her son’s activity could have very well prevented a tragedy. We are grateful she acted responsibly,” said Officer David Hartman.

Around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, the mother called police to report her son had left their apartment and he was armed with a shotgun. Two officers went to her home on Elm Street.

The teen’s mother had grown concerned after noticing that her son looked “pissed,” according to police.  She also said she overheard parts of a disturbing conversation between her son and someone on the phone.

She told the officers that days ago she learned from someone else that her son may have had a shotgun concealed in a black duffle bag. The officers issued an alert for the…

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