Anti casino expansion drive launched

Who are the Democrat Controlled General Assembly listening to? It appears that Special Interests have the ears of our state senate rather than the citizens of CT which Do Not Want Casino Expansion in our state….

If there was such a concern for the decrease in their attendance the Casinos would Close their Casino in near by Penn & would offer to send buses to all of the major cities around CT For Free but those are not being proposed as options on the table…

By the way “Where is the CT Share” of the proceeds from the current casinos that are in the state? Wasn’t that money supposed to be going for education as well as helping Addicted Gamblers to Quit?

WTNH Connecticut News

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HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — On the steps of the Capitol, casino opponents, including a self-described problem gambler, launched what they expect to become a statewide movement to stop the casino bill the State Senate passed Wednesday night.

“The tribes that have the casinos now are on reservation land, the new casinos, if they occur, will be anywhere Connecticut,” said Marybeth Gorke-Felice of Woodstock.

Some of the same people that successfully fought the expansion of casino gambling in the last decade are warning again that allowing what they call a slot-heavy casino in northern Connecticut will open a ‘Pandora’s box’ that will lead to legal challenges and a further expansion of gaming.  

“The bill creates, as you know, a complex, two-step process, that could lead to a major expansion of casino gambling in Connecticut,” said former Congressman Bob Steele of Essex.

The group is seeking to stop the bill…

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