Letter from the BOE Finance Chair on the 2015-2016 Budget

I recommend that the citizens of Windsor Reject the Budget on the 12th of May due to the extra high costs that are on the BoE side of the budget which is 2/3rd of the ever increasing taxes we have added on to our property taxes.
We have been having a steady loss of students but each year but the BoE Budget never reflects the loss of those students in the budgets they put forward each time & instead we are hearing that our Children are Failing while the BoE keeps demanding more money but has no results to justify the increases they demand.
The BoE keeps stalling on answering questions & doesn’t seem to think in a way that can both Provide Services & Save Money at the same time & also lists many “Grants” from our very BROKE state government so that is money which may not even be forth coming because the reality is that there are many budget cuts being proposed up at the capitol going on.

Zero Based Budgeting is what should be done with each expense clearly Listed & Justified as to why it is being spent.

Right off the top of my head for savings is to look at Portable Classrooms instead of the expense of trying to salvage a school that is in need of repairs & by placing them at our current elementary schools there is no need to try to bring in extra staff because the classroom is self contained & then the elementary school’s cafeteria & nurse & gym etc etc can all be used.
Common Sense Cost Savings is what is needed but it doesn’t seem that less expensive options are being looked at so that we can get the most for our money.
Education is important but it seems that the democrats are pushing for anything & everything without regard to who they are hurting.
When our children are getting to college & work world & they are unskilled & not ready for the workload required of them who can the blame be placed upon?
The ones who are paying for these outrageous budgets with these experimental programs that keep failing our children or the people who have sold out our children to the highest bidder of the newest educational scam on the markets?

There was a time & day when Windsor Schools were good schools & people wanted to send their children here because Windsor Ranked Well & wasn’t outrageous in costs, those days have gone & the experimental programs like Common Core are driving up costs while denying our children a proper education & increasing the educational gap while pitting our citizens against each other…
The Honors Programs against the Sports, & the Arts
PreSchoolers against the Robotics Teams
Those with Children In Our Public Schools against Those who are sending their Children to CREC against those who have No Children in Public Schools in the state

Our children are suffering because the democrats can not say no to anything that is experimental or promises to be the latest & greatest new shiny thing…

#CountTheCost – will you continue to allow the democrat controlled BoE raise your taxes & subject your children to these experimental programs with the increasing costs or are you going to demand that the BoE get serious about cutting the excesses from the budget & stop adding these experimental programs & get down the serious business of educating our children?

Then again… maybe you don’t care about politics; because you don’t have the time to watch what is being done at our town meetings or research why our students are failing not just in Windsor but across the nation where ever they have installed common core?


Below is a letter as well as supporting documents posted at the request of the Board of Education Finance Chair Ron Eleveld. As with all of our posts, the letter and tables below reflect the views and calculations of Mr. Eleveld and are not an official viewpoint of the Board of Education or Windsor Public Schools.

wj voter letterwolcott worksheetfte worksheet

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