How to tell if your School District is infected by the Broad Virus

Are CT’s schools infected by this virus too?
Have you inquired about how & where the superintendent in your school district has come from & how they were hired?

Seattle Education

Chicago has just learned that it will inherit Rochester, New York’s controversial and unpopular school superintendent, Jean-Claude Brizard (Broad Superintendent’s Academy “Class of 2007”).

Those of us who have experienced the “leadership” of  L.A. billionaire Eli Broad’s corporate-trained superintendents send Chicago our condolences. We have been there, done that, with scars to show for it, and nothing in the way of real academic or positive gains for our schools and kids.

In fact, the Broad brand has been seriously tarnished lately, to the point where it really should be considered a liability rather than an asset. Here are just a few examples of Broad supts who have been ousted or left their districts in a cloud of controversy:  LaVonne Sheffield (Broad Superintendents Academy “Class of 2002” – resigned), Rockford, Ill.;  Maria Goodloe-Johnson (Broad “Class of 2003” – fired), Seattle, Wa.; Matthew H. Malone (Broad “Class of 2003”…

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