Can Pearson SUE for Damages to its Profits if We Eliminate Standardized Testing from Public Education? It Just Might Have a Claim…

Sadly with all of the attention of the riots & elections people do not see articles like this which are vitally important …
Pearson is looking to make a killing on dumbing down our children & yet the ads on tv promoting common core as the best thing since sliced bread lull the inner city parents into thinking that common core will solve the problem of the poor education in their schools when in fact it is the opposite…

Follow the Money People – PLEASE start doing your research about Common Core, Pearson & the Men who are getting RICHER (they were already rich to begin with & their own children aren’t subjected to common core) on our taxes.


what if

Yes, we all know that corporations “own” politicians and sway legislation. ALEC has gamed that system for decades. But what if that corporate-driven system of manipulating public governance “behind closed doors” to serve corporate interests could take it …one…step…further? What if there was an international TRIBUNAL of corporations that was able to TRUMP national governance, and enforce protection of corporate profits at the expense of human well-being? You’d have the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

I’ll take a giant leap here, as Don Bunger did (who alerted me first to this possibility) and suggest that Pearson (a corporation centered in the United Kingdom), the world’s largest producer of education tests and textbooks has its eye on (and hands in) the Trans Pacific Partnership. Pearson has enormous global power and reach.

What is TPP

According to Robert Reich:

“It would be the largest trade deal in history — involving countries stretching…

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