State Rep. continues to push the “Death with Dignity” bill

The group formerly known as the Hemlock Society is at it again not only in CT but also our sister border states of Mass, RI, NY & NJ.
The ultimate goal of this Eugenics group has been proven to be to kill off the Disabled & Feeblest of our society.
Yes they use code words to make them sound ever so nice but there is nothing stopping them from killing off their own self if all they wanted was to end their own suffering but instead they are fighting to be able to kill off other people for profit.
That is what is happening to those who live in countries & states that have passed this law.
YES right here in the USA patients are being told by their insurance companies that the Live Saving/Extending Treatmets that are available will not be paid for but the insurance company would more than happily pay for the $300 to cover the drugs that will end the patients life ASAP.

THIS Is going to result in more GENOCIDE as Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics & other poor minorities have a higher rate of health problems than richer white people. Where Abortionists have been quite successful in limiting the number of Black & Brown Babies from being born this Eugenics Program will speedily increase the number of deaths of chronically ill & depressed minorities. Hitler & Margaret Sanger would be proud at the job that the Hemlock Society is doing with it’s name changes & twisting of words to increase the number of minorities & disabled to be killed off as they have even gotten Black members of the CT General Assembly to promote for the 3rd time the killing off of oppressed peoples.
Legalizing Murder is Still MURDER
The Systematic Murdering of a Minority People is called GENOCIDE
YES Jim Crow Lives in CT & the goal is to kill you off ASAP, think about that when you pop that high blood pressure pill or that shot of insulin for your diabetes that you need to live on a daily basis…


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