2/15 CBS2 Evening Weather Headlines

Ok we had plenty of SUN but where is some sort of heat to go with it?
We did end up with drifting snow blown from the tree branches, anyone notice how pretty sunshine looks through icicles?

CBS New York

By Mark McIntyre Jr, CBS2 Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Brrrrr! That’s the best way to sum up the day we had, and also for the night ahead of us. Winds were howlin’ all day with some folks topping 60 mph gusts! Here in NYC, 42 mph was the peak gust. Made for single digit chills in the city all day long. Tonight winds will still be strong and temps will plunge…to near zero and even below zero in the suburbs outside NYC.

Evening Gusts

Waking up for Presidents’ Day, temps in NYC will be at 3 degrees, but feeling more like 15 below. Folks far north and west in the Lower Hudson Valley and NW NJ? Feelin’ like -20 to -30! Bundle up! Temps “rebound” into the mid 20s for Tuesday with our next snow chance. Right now it looks like a light event, but a few inches are possible and we will certainly…

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