It Never Ends: The EPA Is Coming To Regulate Americans’ Wooden Stoves…

In CT where we Do have power outages due to ice & snow; some for extended periods of time as in weeks not just days or hours, woodstoves are needed to heat homes when the electric is out that would normally turn on the oil furnaces.

Many in the suburbs of CT use woodstoves as a means to cut down on the oil heating bills & that can be a very great savings when the oil prices have gone up.
Since Wood is a Renewable Resource the promotion of WoodStoves is what should be happening but instead the democrats are pushing to remove the ability of families to be independent – so you have to question their motives for doing so…

Why is our democrat controlled CT government trying to make it harder for families to provide heat & cooking fuel for their homes instead of fighting to help our hard working tax paying families?

Socialism is not the Answer

Gina McCarthy

Weasel Zippers

Via Daily Caller:

The EPA has finalized a 344-page rule to make wood stoves more environmentally friendly, meaning that millions of Americans will soon be forced to buy more expensive wood-fired stoves.

Republican lawmakers have opposed the rule, saying it would harm millions in rural America that rely on wood stoves to heat their homes every winter. With natural gas and electricity prices on the rise, wood stoves can be an economical choice for many living in the countryside.

“The EPA’s shortsighted regulatory overreach is once again hitting hardworking Montanans in their pocketbooks,” said Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines.

Some 2.4 million American households rely on wood stoves for heat. When the agency proposed the rule last year, critics argued 80 percent of wood stoves in use would not meet tightened standards and consumers would never be able to buy them brand new — raising energy costs…

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