Comcast calls customer ‘Super B—-‘ on bill

We did not seem to have this problem when the Customer Service Call Centers were in the states that served the customers…

Maybe these issues of bad customer service would decrease if the call centers were brought back to the USA & put back into each of the states that are served by the company?

When the customer service reps are part of the company there is more pride in actually trying to do the best work for the company, too many call center workers are working for a 3rd party so they really don’t care what happens to the reputation of company that they are taking calls for because that company does not sign their paychecks just might be a problem here?

FOX 61

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Mary Bauer just wanted to watch the Hallmark channel.

Instead the 63 year-old from Illinois got a bill in the mail addressed to Super B—- Bauer.

That’s after months of battling with Comcast to get her cable service fixed so she could watch her favorite channel.

“I said, wait, I need to get my glasses on because I don’t believe what I’m seeing,” Bauer told CNNMoney. “And there it was: Super B—- Bauer. So I’ve had it with Comcast.”

Bauer had been having trouble with her cable service since last April and she had called Comcast customer service “hundreds of times.” In fact, technicians came to her home on about 39 occasions and it was eventually fixed.

On top of this, Bauer said she didn’t receive her bill in November. When it arrived, she found that her rate had jumped by $50. She called to complain…

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