The Blast Radius of Proposed New “No Child Left Behind” Bill

#StopCommonCore – Thankfully in CT there does seem to be more parents waking up to the ills of #CommonCore & the various ways that the names are being changed to hide the fact that the “new” is the same old crap with a new name to hide the fact that it’s common core.

Be diligent in your research & do the FoIA Requests so that you can follow the money to expose the democrats that are forcing our innercity children into the school to prison pipeline with substandard educational experiments while increasing our taxes to waste on their shyster friends to “study” why there is an educational gap instead of spending the money on what our students need to learn skills to work at actual jobs with advancement opportunities or in any of the trade skilled job opportunities

There is a #StopCommonCoreInCT facebook group which has plenty of information & working to get parents organized in all 169 cities & towns in CT. Join it & Stand Up for our Future Fight for our Children & Grandchildren.




Senator “Let’s-Don’t-Talk-About-Common-Core” LaMar Alexander  has proposed a bill to amend  ESEA (No Child Left Behind Act) in order “to restore freedom”. The bill is called the “Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015“.

I read the 387-pager after I learned that education experts, slated to testify against the bill, had abruptly been dismissed and were told that the bill had been “fast-tracked,” so there wouldn’t be time for them to speak.  —No time to hear testimony and debate about a historic, child-impacting bill?

I read this bill with these six facts and questions in mind:

Fact 1. There’s a  de facto federal database composed of fifty individual databases with interoperable State Longitudinal Database Systems.   These  feed on the federal school testing/data collecting system, and feed different federal databases and their powerful branches.  This clearly violates “consent of the…

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