EarthQuakes in CT!??! Jan 2015 Get Prepared

LOL my cousins that live in Cali are laughing at us here in CT

While Cali is known for it earth movements & what we have been experiencing here in CT would not phase my Cali Cousins we here in CT have been feeling the earth move & it is unnerving to most of us who haven’t had the “fun” of feeling these “small quakes” (yes my cousins are calling these small since they have these & barely blink)

Apparently 2015 is going to be the year of earthquakes for CT? This month of Jan so far has had 13 quakes & counting in the Moodus & Plainfield areas in the past 2 weeks so it’s averaging 1 per day & the people in the area are so nervous that the state talking heads held a meeting to reassure the people that the state will be ready for whatever emergency will happen

the people in the surrounding area came together to ask questions because too many people haven’t the slightest clue on how to be prepared for emergencies

Thursday morning I called the insurance company to find out if we were covered in the event of an earthquake doing any damage up in our neck of the state… good thing to know is that just like flooding homeowners insurance does not cover EarthQuake Damage

The Insurance Agent & I had a few laughs about how everyone has been just waiting for Cali to have that 1 big quake & it falls off into the ocean but no one has considered that the east coast from CT to DC could just as easily have a quake & fall into the ocean instead

So bottom line for homeowners you might want to check with your insurance company to see just how much an earthquake rider will cost to add onto your policy – the actual cost is not much but the deductible is a bit different than a regular policy as they do not give you a dollar figure but a percentage of the home’s value to rebuild it.
$51 per year was going to be the additional cost to add onto the current homeowners policy but our company has a 15% deductible which means that we’d have to come up with $24k out of our pocket & the insurance company would pick up the costs after that – bit daunting but when considering that if we didn’t have any coverage that it would be 100% out of pocket cost it’s worth seriously planning to add on to the insurance policy.

GDSKG2 - 2 person kit SwanSurvival-com

I hope that people will take a few minutes to walk around their home & talk to their family members about the items they have up on the walls & how to secure things so it’s not so likely to harm the small sized people in the home.

Learn at least basic first-aid & pack a small suitcase or backpack to grab & go as heading outside so that if the house is a total loss you have at least a few clothes & important documents because you possibly might not be allowed back into the house for a few days until the authorities give the ok that it is safe to do so

Stay Safe & Get Prepared – It’s better to Have & Not Need than to NEED & Not Have in Emergencies


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